Silent Night


Silent Night

The night everything changed...

Imagine the night when Christ was born, the night where God touched the earth; the stillness, the quiet, the calm of the night. Imagine what the earth must have felt the moment when Hope came down, God was with us, the moment he took on flesh as our Savior, the Savior of the World. A night so profound that even two thousand years later, we cannot comprehend the miracle that took place. 

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As years have gone by, we as a society have gone overboard in the commercialization and hype of the Christmas season. A season full of stress, shopping, partying, chaos, peppermint mochas and tacky sweaters. How did we get so far away from the manger, how did we get so far away from the calm, still night when christ was born? As we journey this Christmas season, our invitation is simple; we invite you to pray with your family. Most importantly, we invite you to pray. Although there are times we get caught up in the chaos of the holidays, the simple reality is that our salvation became possible that Christmas night. Jesus, the hope we long for, the peace we need. 

My prayer this Christmas is that we may still our hearts. Christ came in the simplicity of the manger, not on a throne or in a palace or clothed in riches, he came humbly and still. Let us journey together to the manger, the night everything changed.


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