You Gave Us Your Love

On Christmas morning, I opened the blinds on the front door just in time to see a full-grown man fly down our suburban street on a shiny new go-cart that I’m assuming was…

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The Gift

God has given us a gift: His only Son.  We celebrate this great Mystery through the season of Christmas, a time to marvel at the love we’ve been given. This is, after all, the ultimate reason we give and receive gifts—to say “I love you.” Unlike earthly gifts that we break, become bored of, or lose, God’s gift of love changes everything, forever, if we accept it. God’s love is a person.  An infant.

When a baby is born, a family is born. The relationships that existed before, the ways of doing things, the details and schedules, the things pondered in the heart… everything changes. In a similar way, through the Mystery of the Incarnation, God becomes part of our human family, and he changes everything. He redeems humanity. Will we let this enormous Mystery of love, hidden in the humble flesh of a tiny baby, change us this Christmas? Will we accept God’s invitation to become a holy family?

Through a collection of original, traditional, and popular songs, we celebrate these Mysteries of God’s love and explore the real challenges we face in saying “yes” to His gift.

Prepare+Him+Room (1).png

Prepare Him Room

I’ve been swamped lately: a thousand things to do and no time to do them.  I finally saw an opening in my calendar for today and made a long list of things to accomplish.  Except for one small “detail”…

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Savior of the World

As we journey closer to the birth of the Christ-child at Christmas, we wait with anticipation and desperation. 

Scripture says, "At one time we too…

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In Need of a Savior

I got lost in DisneyWorld when I was six years old. 

My siblings and I were with my dad riding Space Mountain, and…

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Silent Night

The night everything changed...

Imagine the night when Christ was born, the night where God touched the earth; the stillness, the quiet, the calm…

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I feel as though I spend most of my life moving toward a place of settled-ness. I'm striving for something that I'm certain will refresh my soul, settle my spirit...whether that be a new gig or job…

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To Save Us All

Days ago we rang in the New Year. I remember when I was little, and the year "2017" only existed in movies with a future that was so far ahead of us. And now…

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