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“This is the oath he swore to our father Abraham: That he would set us free from the hands of our enemies, free to worship him without fear, holy and righteous in his sight, all the days of our lives.” - Luke 1:73-75


FRIDAY // Prayer and Identity



1.  What are your fears about this weekend? What are you hopeful for this weekend?

2.  What are three (or more) specific ways God’s calling you to grow this weekend?

3.  What’s distracting you? Holding you back from fully entering in to what God has in store for this weekend?

SATURDAY MORNING // The Gift of Song



1. How does music and song unite us with God and with our community?

2. What are some examples on the many “moments” of Catholic worship?

3. What are some simple/practical steps we can take to better understand what the Church asks of us as musicians in the Liturgy and beyond?

SATURDAY MORNING (round 2) // Life Beyond Leading


1. Where does God desire to set me free to worship without fear? Where am I grasping for temporal ambitions in pride instead of making a gift of my music in humility?

2. What does my relationship with God look like beyond music ministry? What does my relationship with this community of people look like beyond the Masses and events we serve together?

3. What are some practical ways I can reorganize/prioritize my time so that I have time grow my relationship with God?

SATURDAY AFTERNOON // Some of the Technicals


1. How can we establish more effective communication within the music ministry as a whole? Within the individual teams? 

2. What is the mission statement of music ministry as a whole? 

3. What are the important items for the music ministry planning meeting? 

4. How can we make rehearsal more efficient and effective so it translates to excellence in our musical performance? 

5. How can we foster a culture of positive feedback within our community? How can we charitably offer feedback to our teammates for the sake of improving the overall musicianship of the group? 




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