When will I receive my order?

We will ship all orders by mid to late October, 2019 with estimated arrival being late October to early November depending on the specific location.  This will allow plenty of time to get organized before the start of Advent. Let us know if you need your order on a different timeline, we’re happy to help!

How much does it cost? Does that include shipping?

A standard order of 1000 CDs costs $595.00 ($00.50/CD + $85 flat rate shipping/processing fees). Yep, shipping included in your bundle pricing.

How will they be shipped?

We will ship via UPS or FedEx depending on your location. Shipping information will be sent in a follow up email in July/August. Plus more info with next steps a shortly after your order.

Can I order a different quantity of CDs?

Yes. We know some communities will need more or less than the standard order. You can place your custom order through our Custom Checkout Page. Here, you can select CD quantity you need for your community.

How Can I make sure my parishioners know our parish is offering this gift and get their copies?

We want to make sure you have everything you need to make this a fruitful outreach for your parish. “The Ignition Plan” is a downloadable PDF that will help guide you every step of the way… from receiving your CD shipment all the way to delivering this resource to your parishioners during Advent.Additionally, our team is always ready to help you with anything else you need. After we receive your order, one of our team members will be in direct contact with you to make sure it runs smoothly, or you can always contact us here.

How do we make sure that parishioners engage with this initiative?

“Ignite Your Parish” has an avenue of prayer and evangelization for everyone in your parish. In addition to the CDs and digital downloads of the music and talks, we offer access to all of our sheet music for your music ministry to utilize in community worship and a “Group Study Guide” planner to creating a group study with the CD. With four talks themed for the four Sundays of Advent, you pastor can draw ideas and make thematic connections in his homilies. You can also empower parishioners to be the evangelists and to take more than one CD to share with others they personally think would benefit from it.

I’m a parishioner and would love to bring this initiative to my parish, how can I make it happen?

First of all, you rock! Set a meeting with your pastor and/or pastoral staff to share the idea. You can show them this web page and all the resources within.  If needed, feel free to put them in direct contact with our team to answer any questions they have. Lastly, prayerfully consider if you’re being called to be a financial benefactor that makes this possible for your parish to experience this outreach.  Your generosity could potentially bless thousands in your community!

Is this something that we can participate in as a parish group, or is it a private devotional?

Both! We’ve created a parish “Group Study Guide” if you would like to lead group discussion. If not, you can listen by yourself at your own pace throughout the seasons of Advent and Christmas.

Is the content geared toward a certain age demographic?

No. The album is created for the parish demographic. We believe that between the music and talks, there’s something to engage everyone.

Can we order digital copies as well?

Yes. In fact, when you place your order, you will automatically receive a digital copy with each CD.  Every CD comes with a digital download code for those that would prefer to listen on alternative platforms.

Can I listen to the music and talks before ordering?

Yes. You can find samples of the music here. If you are looking for samples of the talks from Fr. Dave Pivonka, we will be recording these in July. You can check out The Wild Goose for now!