Always Faithful


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Always Faithful

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23

I’ve spent most of my life singing about the faithfulness of God. Singing about faithfulness is one thing, but to experience it in a real and personal way is something completely different. When you experience the faithfulness of God, something changes. It's almost as if you're a child standing in the middle of the driveway waiting for it to rain, and finally you become drenched in the storm. Your face lights up and all that rain covers you in a holy armor preparing you for what’s to come, comforting and cleaning you up for the next fight. My name is Danielle Noonan. I’m a catholic worship leader and songwriter and I am honored to have written this song, Always Faithful, with John Finch and Greg Boudreaux. It’s a hopeful declaration of Christ’s victory for all us, a hope we can grasp onto even in the midst of storms.

As a little girl growing up in east Texas, I loved the spring and summer thunderstorms that would roll in. We didn’t have much to do out in the country so when thunderstorms came, I’d run barefoot out onto our long blacktop driveway and just wait for the rain to come.

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Those thunderstorms were no comparison to the violent storms that raged inside my childhood home and left a deep and lasting fear and sense of powerlessness inside my heart. I understood at a very early age, that I had secrets no one could know. I had bruises that no one could see and I learned to cover my shame by embracing the compliments of being naturally gifted at music. God knew my heart though; He had already walked a road of fear and shame. So, little by little, when I sang at mass, I began to recognize the comforting touch of The Father. It was so similar to the rain I waited for as a little girl and it started to change me. It would light my face up; it still does. To this day, my lips will quiver singing certain songs during mass and not because they remind me of a fearful and powerless little girl, but because it reminds me of how faithful He has been. He has been constantly patient with me, relentless in His affection, and not angry at my stubbornness and constant fumbling doubt. I’d ask “why?” over and over, and He would find me in the quiet and opportune moments just to remind me I was His heir, an adopted daughter of The King. He’d seek me out to do nothing more than say my name. Man, I long for that.

The storms didn't stop when I left home. They have beaten and bruised up this little Texas mama until I had no words left to sing, until my husband scooped me up off bathroom floors to lay me in bed, and until the only word I could speak was “Jesus”. With that one word I can close my eyes and hear Him, or open up my phone and scroll through all of the words I’ve documented that He’s given me so I never forget His voice and who He’s called me to be, who He’s called all of us to be.

Our faithful God is an author of stories. He pens victories of rebuilding, rebirth, healing, miracles, and the restoration of each and every one of us through His death and Resurrection even through our human tendency to question and doubt. So this song Always Faithful is not just my declaration of triumph, or John’s or Greg’s for that matter: it’s all of ours now. Hold on tight to it with us because when storms come, we’ll remember how it washed over us and how much stronger we’ve become for one another.

Written by Danielle Noonan


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