How Deep the Father's Love for Us


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How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

Love Deeper than Feelings

I was just speaking to a friend today about feelings.  We were chatting about life and talking through some life-things…you know…girls do that sometimes. ANYWAY, there we were talking about feelings and how feelings need to know their place - I know, two women coming to that conclusion, can you even believe it?

Not that our feelings don’t carry importance, because they most certainly do. God uses our feelings in a big-time way, but feelings are not king. We can, in fact, do the right thing without FEELING like it.

God gives us the ability to feel…and also to choose a reality greater than what we feel in a given moment. To trust in something bigger than ourselves. To trust HIM. And I have found, there is an invitation that is extended to us in a special and exclusive way when we find ourselves in times of darkness and confusion. When we do not understand. When we cannot see. And that is an invitation to trust the goodness of God, despite the feelings we have in our hearts in a moment of excruciating pain. 

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Sometimes words just fall short from the sentiment of the human heart, don’t they? Sometimes loss is so great that we don’t even know what to say. Or what to feel. But if I was to try to put words to the sorrowful times in my life - the dark moments - I have to admit that they would most certainly not include an exclamation of how deep the Father’s love is for me. In my humanness and frailty, in my feelings that don’t always match the reality that’s beyond my own understanding, I don’t know that I could express well His love for me or my love for Him.

“How great the pain of searing loss
The Father turns His face away
As wounds which mar the Chosen One
Bring many sons to glory”

“Searing loss.”

The first two pair well together, right?
But the third?
(…or is this a game of “which one of these doesn’t belong”?)

I want so badly to understand His ways. I don’t.  And beyond my understanding, this I know is true: God, in His unrelenting and mysterious pursuit of us, somehow uses the worst case scenario for glory. Jesus, the Savior, literally put to death by the ones He came to save. I can’t think of anything worse. That is as dark as it gets.

We find ourselves in some dark moments these days, do we not?  As a Church. In our families. In my own heart, if I’m being honest.  Let us remember in the tough days and in the tough moments that despite our feelings…despite our lack of understanding…we cannot see what God sees.  And He has the victory. It is this final reality that reminds me how deeper the Father’s love for us is, even deeper than the experience of how it feels.

Written by Andrea Thomas


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