As artists, we believe in the universal power of beauty to change the world. As a community, we believe in the power of making a gift of our talents to anyone who wishes to receive them.

Our hope is that everyone who visits this page leaves with the music and artwork. If you're able to pay nothing, no problem. We hope it's a blessing! If you're able to pay the suggested donation, or perhaps even more to cover the cost of someone who cannot afford it, thank you! Your contribution makes it possible for us to continue making a gift of our talents to the Church.

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D o w n l o a d   a l l   7   s o n g s


NOTE: You will need a laptop or desktop computer to access all downloads.  From there, you can transfer the songs to your phone or mp3 player.



D o w n l o a d   a l l   7   P i e c e s   o f   a r t w o r k

[  F  O  R     P  U  R  C  H  A  S  E  ]


V I G I L   S E R I E S   # 1

The Vigil Project's debut album released during Lent and Easter of 2016. These songs are an invitation for the Church to KEEP WATCH & PRAY for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.


V I G I L   S E R I E S   # 2

The Vigil Project's second album dives into the beautiful seasons of Advent and Christmas. These original songs invite families to watch and pray for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


C H R I S T M A S   C L A S S I C S

The Vigil Project and Papercastle Records team up to cover some of the Christmas standards of the season. The album features classic arrangements with a contemporary edge.





$32.00 Bundle Price