The Vigil Project



Only 12% of Millennial Catholics pray every day.

Catholics today are sleepwalking through life and faith.

On Sunday we make our weekly journey to Mass.

But are we living vibrant spiritual lives every day in between? 


Transformation in the Church begins with prayer.

There are 51 million adult Catholics in America. If every person-every day-began to tap into God’s power and presence, imagine how our Catholic faith community would begin to heal from the inside out.

Personal devotion has a ripple effect that begins at our core, in the song of our souls, and brings God’s love and peace into our relationships, our communities, our Church and throughout the world.


Music provides a new dimension to experience God’s love and deepen our devotion.

Music is an untapped language of the Divine in our homes and churches. Good music opens up our senses to God and one another on a mystical level. When applied with purpose and authentic creativity, Catholic music brings vitality to worship and breathes new life into our communities. 


Our Mission

The Vigil Project is igniting a spiritual awakening in the Catholic Church through deeper personal devotion and community worship.


Simply by helping Catholics pray again with music.


Music for the Catholic Journey

Each year we collaborate with new and known Catholic musicians around the world to make music for every moment of the Catholic journey.

Following the Church’s liturgical calendar, we share new music, host events for parish communities, and provide music leaders with resources for worship.


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Make the Church a Force of Hope

We are determined to help the Church become a force of hope in the world again, through music. We cannot do it without your support. Join The Vigil Project and together let’s mark our moment in history through music that awakens our senses to the power of God’s love in the Church and in the world.


Music is essential for Catholic prayer

Sign up for a free mini-course on why we need music for spiritual growth. For one week, we will send brief episodes on why music is essential for Catholic prayer.


When man comes into contact with God, mere speech is not enough. Areas of his existence are awakened that spontaneously turn into song.

—Pope Benedict XVI


 Three ways you can support the Vigil Project

There was a time when everyone, Christian and non-Christian alike turned to the Catholic Church for the most beautiful expressions of art and music in the world. Let’s get that back.



The Vigil Project relies on the generosity of Catholics like you.

Host an Event

The Vigil Project offers inspiring mission concerts during Lent and Advent.

Share the Vigil Mission

Inspire your friends to keep watch & pray with Vigil music.