I feel as though I spend most of my life moving toward a place of settled-ness. I'm striving for something that I'm certain will refresh my soul, settle my spirit...whether that be a new gig or job, a celebration with friends and family, a long overdue vacation. So, I'm just struggling through the drudgery, living for some event or achievement in the future that will make the everyday work worth it. And these moments when I am "in between," headed toward my new destination, I often find myself anxious and unhappy...not a deep sense of sadness, but a feeling that those "in between" moments just aren’t as worthy or good.

I've got to keep coming back to that trite but true saying, "the gift is the journey." God graces us with little glimmers of His love every single day. Often, it's in these moments that He reveals to us the people we are meant to encounter and to love on. Unfortunately, our busyness and single-mindedness as we travel towards the destination (often set by our own agendas) prevent us from encountering these little moments "in between."

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Composing “Starlight,” I wanted to depict the long and exciting journey of the wisemen traveling towards the babe in the manger. I’m amazed by the curiosity, boldness, and trust that these three Kings had, dropping everything to follow the promise of a star.  The obligations that overwhelm me on a daily basis are nothing compared to the responsibilities these Kings bore. My own struggle to hear God’s voice amidst the clamoring of my own desires is so real. How then did three kings find time to even notice God’s sign in a star that shined a little brighter than the rest?

In this song, we travel, experiencing the journey alongside the wisemen. First, we encounter the sign from God and the start of a long and hopeful sojourn.  The second section bears the wonder at meeting Jesus, the babe. And the last portion of the piece symbolizes going forth from the nativity…the joy, life, and steadiness that this encounter with Love Himself gives us.

Written by Shawn Williams