VIGIL Series #2 - MUsic Downloads

C l i c k   o n   m p 3   o r   m 4 a   t o   d o w n l o a d   e a c h   s o n g .


NOTE: Each song will be released within 48 hours of the new video release each week.  Be sure to save this link and your access code to access each new download.

Click here to view release schedule.


1) Prepare Him Room | mp3/m4a

2) Savior of the World | mp3/m4a

3) In Need of a Savior | mp3/m4a

4) Silent Night | mp3/m4a

5) Starlight | mp3/m4a

6) You Gave Us Your Love | mp3/m4a

7) To Save Us All | mp3/m4a