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The Vigil Project band provides events for parishes, dioceses, schools, universities, and private retreats around the world. We work with everyone from professional event planners to Church pastors and passionate parishioners to offer dynamic experiences of song, speaking and multimedia.




+ What kinds of events does TVP offer?

We primarily offer two annually occurring tours - the first during the seasons of Lent and Easter, the second during the season of Advent. These include limited dates for one-night concert events and 2-3 night parish missions. In addition to these regularly occurring tours, we also book the entire group for large events and conferences, and we book individual members of our group for smaller events and speaking engagements. We also love thinking outside the box! If you’ve got something brewing that doesn’t fit one of these categories, let’s get in touch and dream it out!

+ Who from TVP should I expect to see at an event?

For our annually occurring tours, we travel with a group of 6-8 members. This includes artists, musicians, speaker, and production personnel. While not all the specific artists and musicians seen in every video are on every tour, our guarantee is that every event will be of the equal or higher quality than what’s offered through our videos. The exact personnel on a given event is determined by the specific needs of that community, and the availability of the group. Of course, this is something we will discuss with you to understand your desires and make sure there are no surprises!

+ Do you just play music?

No. Our live events feature the music from our videos and albums, original video content, dynamic speaking, time for deep prayer, and a reception of some kind so we have a chance to converse one-on-one with your community. In this way, our events are truly multimedia and aim to engage all the senses.

+ What age demographic is drawn to your programs?

All ages. Our goal is to serve the Church, period. Since most of our events are offered on the parish level, our programs are designed to engage the whole parish. Over the last few years, we’ve come to recognize that our group is uniquely gifted and able to not only talk about this goal, but to accomplish it. We want our events to be congregational experiences of prayer and encounter.

+ How much does it cost to bring TVP to my community?

Our pricing varies by season and type of event. (Contact us) directly for quick and accurate pricing for the season and event you want to book. The breakdown for every event is a simple fixed dollar stipend amount and a variable travel expense that depends upon the cost of transportation.